Inspection Gator Delivers a Thorough & Accurate Home Inspection for the Harper Family in Gilmer, TX


When the Harper family needed a home inspection in Gilmer, TX, they called on Inspection Gator, the #1 home inspection company for Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, and Southeast Oklahoma. With Inspection Gator’s thorough check-up of the home, the Harper family can be sure that all areas of their home have been inspected and any relevant findings have been reported upon.

Inspection Gator’s Professional and Accurate Home Inspections

Inspection Gator consistently provides the most reliable and accurate home inspections. All of their home inspectors are highly trained and extremely experienced in the home inspection process. Each home inspector on the team comes with various certifications and expertise in all areas of home inspection, including electrical, plumbing, and structural matters. Furthermore, Inspection Gator offers customers an honest and informative report of their findings so they can make sound decisions on their home purchase or renovation.

Accuracy as the Core of Inspection Gator’s Home Inspections in Gilmer, TX

Inspection Gator prides itself on accuracy. The process begins with a thorough visual inspection of the home, including inspecting the foundation and analyzing the structural integrity. Then, their team assesses the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The building’s overall condition is then reported upon and any areas of deficiency are noted in detail. At the conclusion of the home inspection, customers receive a complete breakdown of the findings and can contact Inspection Gator with any questions about their detailed report.

Inspection Gator takes accuracy to the highest level with the Harper family’s home inspection in Gilmer, TX. When it comes to considering the safety and integrity of a home, homeowners need the facts, and Inspection Gator can provide them. To get in touch with Inspection Gator and schedule a home inspection, call 903-278-5097.

Inspection Gator Delivers Comprehensive & Accurate Home Inspections:

  • Thorough visual inspection of the foundation and structural integrity
  • Assessments of electrical, plumbing, & HVAC systems
  • Detailed report of findings & accurate analysis of the overall condition
  • Honest and informative advice on necessary repairs

Inspection Gator has been performing home inspections in Gilmer, TX, and surrounding areas for years, and they remain committed to delivering honest, reliable, and accurate home inspections. With their team of experienced home inspectors, customers can trust that their home inspections from Inspection Gator will give them all the information they need to make sound decisions about their homes.


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