Inspection Gator, the #1 Home Inspection Company in NE Texas, SW Arkansas, and SE Oklahoma, Completes Thorough Home Inspection for the Otto Family in Paris, Texas


The Otto family in Paris, Texas, recently requested a home inspection from Inspection Gator, the premier home inspection company serving NE Texas, SW Arkansas, and SE Oklahoma. With over 20 years in the home inspection business, Inspection Gator is the go-to inspection source for all needs, large and small.

Diligent Preparation for the Inspection

Prior to the home inspection, Inspection Gator confirmed the address and requested the relevant documents needed to complete the inspection. The documents provided included the owner’s manual, building permits, extensive notes on repairs and updates, and the original warranty information.

The Inspection Process

Two inspectors arrived at the Otto home to perform the inspection. In order to ensure accuracy, they inspected every area of the home. This included the roof, all exterior components, the attic, the basement, the plumbing and electrical systems, windows, interior walls, and ceilings, heating, and ventilation.

The inspectors also compiled a detailed report of their findings. The report noted the condition of all components and outlined any issues that should be addressed. If any further investigation into specific components was needed, the inspectors documented this in the report, as well.

  • Detailed inspection of the roof, exterior components, attic, basement, and more.
  • Generated a comprehensive report of the inspection’s findings.
  • Noted any areas that required further investigation.

The report was distributed to the Otto family upon completion of the inspection. Upon review of the report, the family had a full understanding of the condition of the home so they could make more informed decisions regarding repairs and updates.

The Results

Inspection Gator’s home inspection thoroughly examined the Otto family’s home and provided the family with a thorough and accurate report of their findings. The team of inspectors was friendly and diligent in the completion of their duties. The family was grateful to have a full understanding of the condition of their property and can now move forward in confidence.

If you need more information or would like to inquire about a home inspection in Paris, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Inspection Gator at 903-278-5097. With 20+ years of experience in the home inspections business, Inspection Gator is your trusted source for all needs, large and small.


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