A Home Inspection in Texarkana, TX


When it comes to getting a thorough home inspection in Texarkana, TX, Inspection Gator is number one. We provide comprehensive services for NE Texas, SW Arkansas, and SE Oklahoma, and the Grace family was recently in need of a home inspection.

Since they wanted to make sure they had the best protection and service, they called the experts at Inspection Gator. They set up an appointment right away and Inspection Gator went to the Grace home to start the inspection.

Prior to the Inspection

Before the inspection started, the Grace family spoke with Inspection Gator to discuss their concerns regarding the home. Thankfully, they were happy to answer questions and make sure the clients had a good understanding of the process.

The Graces wanted to make sure that the energy efficiency of their home was up to par, so the inspector discussed their options for winterizing the home and making improvements to the insulation.

The Inspection

The Inspection Gator team came out and checked plumbing, electrical, and structural systems in the home. 

The team reported that the home was in overall great condition, with only a few areas that could use improvement or repair. The team made sure to inspect the exterior of the home as well, checking for any damage and ensuring that there were no signs of termites.

The Grace family was happy with the inspection results, and they thanked the team for their work.

After the Inspection

Inspection Gator offers follow-up services to every inspection they do. Upon request, they also provide advice and assistance to clients on how to address any issues noted in the inspection.

The Grace family was especially interested in this service, as they wanted to do all the repairs and improvements needed for their home as soon as possible. After the inspection, Inspection Gator provided them with a detailed report of the results, along with recommendations for tackling any issues.

Inspection Gator is proud to provide high-quality and reliable home inspections to Texarkana, TX, and surrounding areas.

Reasons to Choose Inspection Gator for Home Inspections in Texarkana, TX:

  • Comprehensive inspections for NE Texas, SW Arkansas, and SE Oklahoma.
  • Highly trained and experienced inspection team.
  • Positive customer feedback and reviews.
  • Follow-up services to address any issues discovered in the inspection.
  • Thorough and professional inspections.
  • Excellent customer service.

The Grace family was very satisfied with the inspection they received from Inspection Gator and they would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced home inspection company in Texarkana, TX. If you would like to learn more about Inspection Gator and the services they provide, give them a call today at 903-278-5097.


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